They are also very traditional, kind and philanthropic with a big and generous heart. They are very helpful and resourceful and people always benefit from their company. It culminates the second series of Nakshatra beginning with that of Magha. The natives of this nakshatra want to create a very good image about themselves in front of others. Once they have created an image they will do everything possible to live upto it. They command respect from people around them and are very confident and determined. Jyeshta Nakshatra Personality Traits They natives of this nakshatra are considered to be emotionally and intellectually alert and are always guided by the pursuit of materialistic accomplishments.

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They are very curious and eager to learn about different things around them and gather as much knowledge as possible. They have a deep penetrative glaze which is easily noticeable and distinguishable.

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They have different facets of personality in them. They are benevolent, philanthropic, and protective about the weak and the needy and also very ambitious. They always have a soft corner for the underprivileged and go an extra mile to help them.

They have their goals and dreams clearly defined and know very well what they want from life. They are ambitious and put enough of hard work to ensure that they make their dreams come true. They have their goals and ambitions clearly defined.

In simple terms they know what they want and how to get it. They are very open and vocal about their feelings and emotions. They never hide anything from anyone. They are like an open book which everyone can read. They are never very secretive or mysterious. At times they can be rash and impulsive and it is also not their cup of tea to listen to the advice of others.

They make decisions for themselves and stick to it under all circumstances. They hardly listen to others. Sometimes they can be very hot tempered and obstinate and once they lose their temper it becomes difficult for them to calm down. They stress a lot on values, principles and behavior characteristics and try their best to guide their actions based on them. However at times in the moment of fit and rage they tend to lose it all and forgets everything. Their show of anger, arrogance and mood swings can be really unpleasant, especially for those who come under its wrath.

However from the inside they are very soft and gentle hearted with a lot of love and care for the needy.

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They will never turn a needy empty handed. From the inside they have a very caring and affectionate nature. They never deviate from their goals and will not let any distractions come in between.

Jyeshta Nakshatra

They are generous, responsible and independent. They have a high degree of self reliance and self discipline and are ever ready to shoulder any responsibility they are entrusted with. They always go out of the way to help and support others, especially the weak and the unsheltered. They are also very emotional and sensitive which makes them good lovers. They have an inherent quality in them to achieve name and fame.

Jyestha culminates the second series of nakshatra beginning with that of Magha.

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Commanding respectfulness of people around, natives of Jyeshtha nakshatra are particularly conscious of creating and living up to an image. With personality traits revolving around material accomplishments, they are marked by emotional and intellectual alertness. Usually curios by nature, the penetrative glance of their deeply set eyes is distinguishing and noticeable. Nature geared to benevolence and philanthropy, instinctive yearnings to protect the underprivileged and needy are the distinguishing facets of their personality traits.

Jyestha Nakshatra

Motivated by high ambitions, the natives of Jyeshtha reach out to the same with determination and hard work. Marked by an explicit openness in their behavioral characteristics, secrecy or mystery is completely alien to his nature. Generally rash and impulsive, a typical native of Jyestha nakshatra is generally unreceptive to the advice of others. Hot tempered and obstinate to some extent, natives of Jyeshtha nakshatra emphasize values and principles in their behavioral characteristics.

In spite of being value oriented, they are prone to messing up situations on account of their hot headedness. Vulnerable to the show of anger, arrogance and mood swings, theirs is essentially a soft nature bent on charity and kindness. Apart from being hard working and result oriented, their major positive traits include generosity, responsibility and self reliance. Always willing to shoulder responsibility and position, they go all out to provide supportive protection to the weak and unsheltered.