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Of my other Leo acquaintances, one is writing a memoir of her time as a black-market orchid smuggler, another just did four skydives in three days, and another embarked on a long-postponed pilgrimage to Slovenia, land of her ancestors. What about you? I trust you can surf the same astrological wave.

Intellectual Brilliance

How sexy is it possible for you to be? However sexy it is possible for you to be, Virgo, I suggest you unleash that magic in the coming weeks. According to my analysis of the cosmic omens, your impact is rising. More people are tuning in to what you have to offer.

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And yet your stress levels also seem to be increasing. Why is that? Do you assume that having more power requires you to endure higher tension? Do you unconsciously believe that being more worried is the price of being more responsible? If so, banish that nonsense. The truth is this: The best way to manage your growing clout is to relax into it.

Most Accurate Horoscope

The best way to express your growing clout is to relax into it. The immediate future will challenge you to revisit several fundamental Scorpio struggles. For best results, welcome these seeming intrusions as blessings and opportunities, and follow these guidelines: 1. Your control over external circumstances will increase in direct proportion to your control over your inner demons.

So rejoice in their oracular radiance. Second, if you have fantasized about getting help to address a seemingly irremediable problem, asking aggressively for that help now will lead to at least a partial fix. Deep sleep? Pleasurable exercise and movement?

The Goal of Free Will Astrology

Take an oath to treat them as holy treasures. Boost your determination and ability to get all you need of their blessings. When this phenomenon happens during the astrological month of Leo, the potency is intensified for you. Your next appointment with this holiday is August 10th and 11th.

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Because she wanted her life "to open like a hinge, like a wing. I'm also pleased to speculate that as you perform this service for yourself, you'll be skillful enough to preserve the parts of your past that inspire you, even as you shrink and neutralize memories that drain you. In response to this good work, I bet your life will open like a hinge, like a wing — no later than your birthday, and most likely before that.

She didn't approve of women wanting to look like "piglets and kittens. According to journalist Madeleine Schwartz writing in Garage magazine, historians of rhinoplasty say there has been a revival of appreciation for the distinctive character revealed in an unaltered nose. I propose, Libra, that in accordance with current astrological omens, we extrapolate some even bigger inspiration from that marvelous fact. The coming weeks will be an excellent time for you to celebrate and honor and express pride in your idiosyncratic natural magnificence.

I suspect you'll be unusually likely to feel at peace with yourself and at home in the world. I don't mean to imply that every event will make you cheerful and calm. What I'm saying is that you will have an extraordinary capacity to make clear decisions based on accurate appraisals of what's best for you. To the best of my ability, I will assist you to procure them. Here they are: a practical freedom song and a mature love song; an exciting plaything and a renaissance of innocence; an evocative new symbol that helps mobilize your evolving desires; escape from the influence of a pest you no longer want to answer to; insights about how to close the gap between the richest and poorest parts of yourself; and the cutting of a knot that has hindered you for years.

I wouldn't be surprised if you were feeling a comparable tug. According to my assessment of the Capricorn zeitgeist, you acutely need the revelations that would become available to you through altered states of emotional intelligence. A lavish whoosh of alcohol might do the trick, but a more reliable and effective method would be through immersions in intricate, affectionate intimacy. Sadly, three countries where my column is published — the U. Source: The Economist. I offer this public service announcement as a prelude to your homework assignment.

According to my astrological analysis, you will personally benefit from working to bring more democracy into your personal sphere. How can you ensure that people you care about feel equal to you, and have confidence that you will listen to and consider their needs, and believe they have a strong say in shaping your shared experiences?

The hard inner work he did to identify himself with God was the blooming flower that eventually made way for the fruit. The fruit was his conscious, deeply felt union with God. First, she follows a well-dressed rabbit down a rabbit hole into an alternate universe.

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  • Later, she slips through a mirror into yet another parallel reality. Both times, with great composure, she navigates her way through many odd, paranormal, and unpredictable events. She enjoys herself immensely as she deals with a series of unusual characters and unfamiliar situations. Are you ready for your very own Alice-in-Wonderland phase? Here it comes!

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