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Lucky numbers ug color for the day: 47, 52, 18, 36 ug moss green. Pleasant ang imong work activities. Lucky numbers ug color for the day: 43, 39, 56, 27 ug fuchia pink. Ang imong success na get nimo ang gustong assignment. Lucky numbers ug color for the day, 44, 32, 55 ug moonshine white.

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LEO: Hul. Malipay sa madawat nga gift gikan sa balikbayan box. Lucky numbers ug color for the day: 53, 17, 28, 45 ug oatmeal brown. Interesting ang imong work assignment.

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Lucky numbers ug color for the day, 47, 35, 53 ug lavender. Changing ang decision himuon. Pilion nimo ang love sa imong freedom. Lucky numbers ug color for the day: 23, 40, 39, 33 ug ruby red. Mag- oracion meditation aron mogawas ang true personality. South: Well, the best way to get around South is through car. Plus, it has a lot of tollways which add ups to your cost when getting around using your car.


Verdict: Without a doubt, it surely goes to the North when it comes to transportation. Peace all, south people! Just a wide span of houses and dots of business districts, and more of course! The North boasts local businesses that offer numerous job opportunities from manufacturing and trading to business process outsourcing. Each year, the upscale business districts of the South just keep on growing and growing, which in turn, offer more jobs! From the executive positions to entry-level ones, the South has all the jobs you can ask for.

South: To be fair, there are also some government offices in the South.

Though mostly, these are not for permits or clearances processing, but for the internal organization of the government. While these offices are present, there is really nothing you can do there. Verdict: Unless you work for the government, you only visit their offices when you are processing a document. Given this, the cake surely goes to the North in this one. North: The North life is very laid back.

The North values lasting memories more than the expensive life of vibing with each other. South: Since there are a lot of offices in the South, life is so fast-paced, and it feels like you should always run with them. To relieve stress from this fast-paced lifestyle, South people party hard in upscale places like Poblacion or BGC. Verdict: Actually, this is a matter of preference. If you prefer a laid-back one, then the North wins. But if you prefer a fast-paced lifestyle, then go South! Anyhow, living in North or South is a pride of every Metro Manilan. While the debate is getting heated more than ever, there they are—munching their popcorns!


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So the next time you do some things to a child or even just to the people that you know, always remember that memory goes a long way in the future of these people; so you better do good to them, alright? Ever since the first season of Stranger Things, the show always taught us to be curious. So here they are, the 5 lessons that we learned from watching the latest season of Stranger Things. By the way, can I just say that the ending credits of the last episode got me more excited and hyped for the next one?

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Contents: Philippines President Duterte asks Russia for loan to buy Philippine Genre Stories: February.